Monday, September 21, 2015

Recife temple trip!

Hi mommy!!! so this week was pretty good! we had 4 of our investigators in church this sunday!! it was such a good feeling! this past week we went to the temple... and it was the most amazing thing ever! i really needed some temple time. its so beautiful!! i loved it! so i got super sick last week... but this week im still not doing the best! i feel like throwing up and my stomach just isnnt doing too well..... but im gonna go to the pharmacy after this and get something! hopefully itll help! oh so this week when we went to the temple ... to get back home we missed our bus... so we had to travel to setubal to stay with the sisters there... then we had to travel back to the dantes barrera to catch our bus. so that was 2 days in recife. then we had to go back to recife on friday! cause my companion had an interview with president! it kinda sucks to travel ... becuase i feel sick and the omnibus makes me more sick! haha oh well! tudo bem.. tudo bem! haha so savanas para mi cama seria de una cama twin . :) y mi talla de falda y blusa no se haha todavia me quedan las faldas, so um poco grande .. pero si me compras una falda no puede ser como muy pegada .. como una falda de lapiz! las blusas soy provavel talla medium! ha yay!!! oh and if you want you can send a package of twizzlers and dried mangos! that would be amaing! hahaha but just if you want! ;)haha so esta ves mande muchas mas fotos! ha youll see in the pictures that theres a scorpion... yup ... we found that in our room on thursday.. and then on friday we found one climing up my bed... that was bigger... eww!!! not only do we have a bat problem in our house... but also a scorpion problem! haha  we have been so scared ...we dont even sleep at night... so not only do i feel sick ... im tired haha but the lord is always taking care of us! haha well thats all for this week! i love you!!!!!! 

Sister Orozco

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