Friday, June 26, 2015

I'm leaving on a mission!!

Hey everyone,

I am creating this blog for those of you who would like to be updated on how I'm doing on my mission. My mom and my sister Elsie are going to be in charge of updating my blog, hopefully, every week!

So as of today I have 4 days till I report to the MTC in Brazil! All of my travel stuff is set. I received my Visa at the beginning of this month! I'm pretty much ready. except the packing. Packing is taking a little longer than expected!

This will be my contact information when I leave on my mission

Sister Jaen Orozco


Sister Jaen Orozco
Brazil Recife mission
Rua Das Ninfas 30 Boa vista
50070-050 Recife- PE, Brazil

Remember to write me!