Monday, September 21, 2015

Recife temple trip!

Hi mommy!!! so this week was pretty good! we had 4 of our investigators in church this sunday!! it was such a good feeling! this past week we went to the temple... and it was the most amazing thing ever! i really needed some temple time. its so beautiful!! i loved it! so i got super sick last week... but this week im still not doing the best! i feel like throwing up and my stomach just isnnt doing too well..... but im gonna go to the pharmacy after this and get something! hopefully itll help! oh so this week when we went to the temple ... to get back home we missed our bus... so we had to travel to setubal to stay with the sisters there... then we had to travel back to the dantes barrera to catch our bus. so that was 2 days in recife. then we had to go back to recife on friday! cause my companion had an interview with president! it kinda sucks to travel ... becuase i feel sick and the omnibus makes me more sick! haha oh well! tudo bem.. tudo bem! haha so savanas para mi cama seria de una cama twin . :) y mi talla de falda y blusa no se haha todavia me quedan las faldas, so um poco grande .. pero si me compras una falda no puede ser como muy pegada .. como una falda de lapiz! las blusas soy provavel talla medium! ha yay!!! oh and if you want you can send a package of twizzlers and dried mangos! that would be amaing! hahaha but just if you want! ;)haha so esta ves mande muchas mas fotos! ha youll see in the pictures that theres a scorpion... yup ... we found that in our room on thursday.. and then on friday we found one climing up my bed... that was bigger... eww!!! not only do we have a bat problem in our house... but also a scorpion problem! haha  we have been so scared ...we dont even sleep at night... so not only do i feel sick ... im tired haha but the lord is always taking care of us! haha well thats all for this week! i love you!!!!!! 

Sister Orozco

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature

Hi mommy!!!! how are you guys! so im doing good today!! today were here in recife cause were gonna go to the temple! im super excited! so this past week had a lot of ups and downs! and up is that were gonna have a baptism!!! yay!!! the 26th so next week! im super excited! and our investigator is super excited too! also this week i got sick... like really sick... i stayed in bed for 4 days... with a really bad headache and upset stomach.. and throwing up an fever... it sucked.. but thanks to a family in our branch... i got better! I got a blessing , and irma wedja made me take some paracetamol (brazilian tylenol) theyre awesome. and after that i started feeling better! ha so this past week we also had stake conference! it was way good! and our pesquisadora ionara went too and she loved it! (shes the one thats gonna get baptized!) it was way cool! so our area is sooooo hot!!!! its crazy! so what else is new over there!? any weddings or engagements or anything? crazy thing... ive been here on a mission for 12 weeks! isnt that crazy!? well i hope everyone is doing good! i love you guys!!!

Sister orozco

Monday, September 7, 2015

69 days!

Hi mommy!!! So this week was pretty good! sortof... ha we went to recife 2 times. which made us spend more money.. but we had a good conference haha so this week we thought wed have like 3 baptisms marked... but that didnt happen.... we had a lot of good moments and dumb frustring moments too... for example we have an awesome investigator who has a strong testimony of the book of mormon! hes seriously the best... but ... this week... while we were walking back home.. we found him in the street... super drunk.... and he started talking to us.. and stuff like that.... and it made us really sad that he was super super super drunk... but it was kindof funny at the same time... cause he was bearing his testimony about the book of mormon... haha and like quoting the book of mormon and he was quoting the bible ... ha at least he has a testimony even when hes completly drunk! haha so i cant send pictures... cause my memory card isnt formated... at if i format it now.. all of my pictures are gonna get earased.... so im gonna try to buy a flash drive to save all those pictures.. and then format it to send pictures! you guys should send me pictures too!!!!!!! i really want to see you guys! and everything!!! oh mom.,.. so your gonna be so proud of me.... I can paint my nails now!!! yay!!! haha and it doesnt look too horrible up close! haha but anyways... I was studying in the book of mormon.. in the book of alma and i think its like one of my favorite stories in the book of mormon... when ammon teaches o rei lamôni!! ha i would like for you guys to read it during your study of the book of mormon Alma chapter 18- 24 its an awesome story! oh and this week during our district meeting i was asked to give the message.. and whichever doctrine i wanted.. so i chose faith. and something that i liked alot was something i found en o Guia das escrituras. y dize que os milagres nao producen fe,.. pero a fe produz milagres. i liked that alot..  cause if you really think about it.. it would take a miracle for a person to keep that faith! then i also studied matthew 14 when cristo walks on water. to share during my message! well thats pretty much it...!! I love you guys!!!! 

Sister Orozcooh also today is independance day for brazil.. so things are a little crazy! everyone is drunk! haha oh well!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

“Don’t count your days—make your days count.”

~August 24~

   Hi mommy!!!!! so this week... was a bit hard... we have found alot of people to teach... but when it comes to going back and teaching them... they are either not home... or just not interested... :( oh well... were still working really hard! so we had kindof a crazy experience... so there a recent convert here and weve been teaching his granddaughter... and one day we stopped by and we were talking there... and he was like telling us that he was leaving the church that he didnt want to be part of it... cause he had to save his marriage.. and then his wife comes out (and shes kindof a scary person)and she starts yelling at him... and telling us that he is a horrible husband.. it was honestly really scary... but thank goodness that my companion and i felt like we should take someone with us to teach that lesson.. we asked a member to go with us... her name is Rosangela! she is amazing! she such a sweet person! so she went with us... and she was amazing! she was the one doing all the talking and helping the situation get better! my companion and i didnt know what to say or do... but rosangela like saved the night... and then after the lesson her and her husband took us out to eat pizza! it was funny cause our lunch appointment couldnt give us lunch that day... and we didnt have any food at home.. and we were starving.. and we had prayed that we wouldnt feel hungry... and then they took us out to dinner! it was an awesome day! sortof... were still working with João to go back to church. Oh and on saturday ... we woke up and our whole house was flooded... It sucked! We dont know how it flooded ... but it did! oh well! haha did you guys see the pictures I sent ? oh President and sister bigelow have a facebook page you can follow ... I dont know the name of it ... but you can look! haha well I love you guys so much! say hi to everyone for me! Everyone!!!! haha
love you!!!

                                                                                                          -Sister Orozco

~August 31~

Hi mommy!!! uff my portuguese honestly sucks... like ill be teaching something during a lesson.. and then i ask a question... and the investigator is like "what? im not understanding anything shes been saying" :( its a bit frustrating ! and then theres times that were knocking on doors or just talking to people on the street and ill be taking and they interrupt me and say " your not from here are you""you have a differnt accent" ahhhhh its annoying'!!! haha oh and this week i had my first gross meal... the person killed the fish infront of us... cut it and just placed it on the pan to fry....... it wasnt very tasty.... oh well... so right now im in recife! today we had a special p-day with president and sister bigelow... we did excersizes with them! it was awesome!!! they also showed us things that we should eat and stuff like that! it was way cool! then were gonna come back to recife on wednesday ... and then were coming back to recife on the 17 (your birthday) to go to the temple!!! yay!!!!!! but at the same time it kinda sucks... because the trip is 10 reals from goiana to recife and then 10 to go back.. plus taxi... and all that stuff... and were poor... haha we dont have any money!! haha so we were hoping wede have a baptism marked this week... but the couple had a family emergency... darn.. hopefully this next week!!! our other pesquisadora is progressing really well!!! she loves learning about the gosple! shes such a special person!!! were excited for her!!! also my companion is the best!!! i absolutely love her!!! we have so much fun together! and we work really hard!!! literally! haha Being a missionary is such a special calling! everyone we talk to always tells us that theres something special about us.. like everytime we talk to them they feel so much peace... its awesome! i love being a missionary! i love being able to share what makes me happy! its great!! also i cant believe ive been a missionary for 2 months already! thats way crazy!!! haha so it would be nice if you guys could send me some pictures too? haha you can just send them by email! haha well i have to go! love you mom! say hi to everyone for me!!!!!!
                                                                                                           -Sister orozco

Sister Orozco in the Campinas Brazil temple!

Recife Brazil