Thursday, September 17, 2015

Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature

Hi mommy!!!! how are you guys! so im doing good today!! today were here in recife cause were gonna go to the temple! im super excited! so this past week had a lot of ups and downs! and up is that were gonna have a baptism!!! yay!!! the 26th so next week! im super excited! and our investigator is super excited too! also this week i got sick... like really sick... i stayed in bed for 4 days... with a really bad headache and upset stomach.. and throwing up an fever... it sucked.. but thanks to a family in our branch... i got better! I got a blessing , and irma wedja made me take some paracetamol (brazilian tylenol) theyre awesome. and after that i started feeling better! ha so this past week we also had stake conference! it was way good! and our pesquisadora ionara went too and she loved it! (shes the one thats gonna get baptized!) it was way cool! so our area is sooooo hot!!!! its crazy! so what else is new over there!? any weddings or engagements or anything? crazy thing... ive been here on a mission for 12 weeks! isnt that crazy!? well i hope everyone is doing good! i love you guys!!!

Sister orozco

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