Monday, September 7, 2015

69 days!

Hi mommy!!! So this week was pretty good! sortof... ha we went to recife 2 times. which made us spend more money.. but we had a good conference haha so this week we thought wed have like 3 baptisms marked... but that didnt happen.... we had a lot of good moments and dumb frustring moments too... for example we have an awesome investigator who has a strong testimony of the book of mormon! hes seriously the best... but ... this week... while we were walking back home.. we found him in the street... super drunk.... and he started talking to us.. and stuff like that.... and it made us really sad that he was super super super drunk... but it was kindof funny at the same time... cause he was bearing his testimony about the book of mormon... haha and like quoting the book of mormon and he was quoting the bible ... ha at least he has a testimony even when hes completly drunk! haha so i cant send pictures... cause my memory card isnt formated... at if i format it now.. all of my pictures are gonna get earased.... so im gonna try to buy a flash drive to save all those pictures.. and then format it to send pictures! you guys should send me pictures too!!!!!!! i really want to see you guys! and everything!!! oh mom.,.. so your gonna be so proud of me.... I can paint my nails now!!! yay!!! haha and it doesnt look too horrible up close! haha but anyways... I was studying in the book of mormon.. in the book of alma and i think its like one of my favorite stories in the book of mormon... when ammon teaches o rei lamôni!! ha i would like for you guys to read it during your study of the book of mormon Alma chapter 18- 24 its an awesome story! oh and this week during our district meeting i was asked to give the message.. and whichever doctrine i wanted.. so i chose faith. and something that i liked alot was something i found en o Guia das escrituras. y dize que os milagres nao producen fe,.. pero a fe produz milagres. i liked that alot..  cause if you really think about it.. it would take a miracle for a person to keep that faith! then i also studied matthew 14 when cristo walks on water. to share during my message! well thats pretty much it...!! I love you guys!!!! 

Sister Orozcooh also today is independance day for brazil.. so things are a little crazy! everyone is drunk! haha oh well!

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