Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sister Orozco's last two emails!

Hi mommy!!! and daddy!!! and elsie !!! and liz!!!!!!
Everything here is so different ! but im finally started to adjust!!! to everything!! So ive learned that being here in the mtc is hard.. like every day... but at the same time its sooo good.. we are always finding ways to feel the spirit and we are always trying to look for ways to be able to grow and help others, and thats pretty much our purpose. to help other--- come unto Christ... and its such a beautiful thing. I love it!! so here at the CTM we have aaaalllloooottt of stuff to do. we always have somewhere to be.. things we should be doing and stuff like that. we dont even have time to think about going to the restroom, or even be hungry hahah... so my schedule usually goies like this. I get up at 6am (it was so hard ajusting to braziliam time &weather) I have to be in our classrooom by 7 am for personal study then at 8 am we have breakfsat8:30 we have class with our instructo Irmã Ortega! she is the best! she always threatens to throw the elders out the the Janela(window) if they dont do the homework she gave us haha so we have class till about 10:30 then we have to go to another classroom and teach our pesquisador (investigator) which is awesome!I love teaching/role playing its the best! it has helped me grow so much, then after we teach we go back to our classroom to planejar... to plan our next lesson for our pesquisador, then we have language study then at 12 we have almoço... lunch is alwasy the worst meal of the day... brazilian food has such a different taste, bust some of it is good, after almoço we have more classes till about 4:30 then we have to go teach another pesquisador and then more study time and more classes and more companiion study time.. then more language study! then more personal study! and so on! then we have jantar... dinner time! the only time i like dinner is on wednesday nights. cause wednesday nights are PIZZA NIGHTS!!!!! well sortof pizza... they dont use sause on their pizza... which is weird.. but still good! haha then we have more studdy... then excersiese and then we have about 30 min to shower and then go back to class for an hour to planejar some more! thats pretty much my day.. sitting in a classroom for 30 min! but Im starting to really like it here! My portuguese is kinda sorta coming along... im speaking a lot more than i did last week!!! yay!!! haha well I love you guys!!!!!!!! and i miss you guys too !!!! oh and I dont know how long it takes for a letter to get here! but guess what! I got my first letter here at the mtc yesterday (7/16) and guess who it was from!!! BRADY!!!!! It made me soooo happy!!!!!!! haha it was the best! but yea! Today we had the chance to go to the campinas temple! it was sooooo beautiful!! Im gonna go to the post office after this to send out a letter to you guys and some pictures!!! so hopefully theyll be there next week!!
love you guys (especially dad) hahahaha
Hi momy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and liz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Elsie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha Gosh I love P-day!!!! and Wow I feel like time is flying by! Im so glad liz is gonna play a real sport haha (jk elsie) haha You know... Today at the temple I couldnt stop thinking about grandpa... I hope he gets better! Los extrano muito a todos!! 24 of july!!! they dont celebrate that here! but Ill probably just celebrate it by my self! haha but yea! so I sent a letter... im assuming you guys havent gotten it! cause it takes about 15 days to get a letter so you guys probably should send anymore letters over here... cause it takes a super long time to get letters! I sent pictures too!!!! you guys will love it!!! haha cause theres me in it! Of course!!! haha just kidding !!!! tell manolo and sergio I say Hi and that I love them alot!!!!! and that I miss them both!!!! so this is week 4 at the mtc!!!! CRAZY!!!!!! this next thursday we gonna be having exchanges... that means all the people in the hispanic district is gonna change companions with a brazilian companion... for our last 2 weeks here and then vamos embora!!!!!! that means that next week our p-day is probably gonna be on wednesday or thursday! depending on when we swich companions!!! Im so excited to have a brazilian companion! Brazilians are the best!!!!!! so language... Portuguese is difficult! but my instructors say that im progressing alot ! our district has a goal to speak portuguese at all times! most of the time we speak portuguese, the other times we kinda just forget and speak portunol! haha my district is awesome!!! were really united and help eachother out alot! This week has been pretty great! The person in charge of every mtc in the world.. Brother Mills... came to the Brazil mtc this week ! it was awesome! I got to translate for him in one of my sunday classes from Portuguese/spanish to english! haha it was the best! Then on sunday night he gave The devotional and it was also the best1!!!! I leaerned so much!!!!!!!!!! He talked to us about how we can become better missionaries. I thought it was gonna be the same typical answers we usually get (read your scriptures, pray to be a better missionary , baptise, baptise, baptise) not that any of those things dont work, theyre awesome... but he talked to us about another thing! it was to get to know our savior and try to be exactly like him. yea.. were not perfect, and you dont have to be perfect to do missionary work. your good enought with having the desires to work.. as long as we have the desire to do missionary work the lord will help us! we have to let the lord change our lifes. he said, "the world works from the outside in, and the lord works from the inside out!"He gave an awesome talk! and I learned alot form it! OOOO this week we also had the chance to go to "proselytismo" I was so nervouse! our instructor tood us to "o metro" the subsay.. to hand out book of mormons !each of us got 3 , and my companion got4! but it was such a good experience... yea some people told us "no" or that they didnt have time.... ha the elders even got yelled at by a drunk guy... but the 7 people that my companion and i gave a book to... seemed kindof down... but when they got the book they had a smile on their face! there was this little old lady from mozabique... and there portuguese is pretty different... but my bad portuguese and here different portuguese.. we honestly coudnnt understand eachother... but when we told her that the book was a book about Jesus Cristo.. and that it was a present for her ... he eyes lit up... and it was such a special moment... she was excited to read it! it was beautiful!!!!! any ways... I have to go!!! I love you all!!!! say hi to daddy (and give him a big hug and kiss for me!!!! )haha and elsie and liz!!!!!!! I love them and miss them so much !!!!!!! love you too mommy!!! say hi to the branch for me!!!! Hurrah for Israel!!! love --- Sister Orozco 

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