Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sister Orozco's first email

Oi!!! mommy!!!! Im here!!! So I have time to email you and tell you that I am here!!! ha Sao Paulo is crazy! I've learned two things so far, Brazilians are crazy drivers., and they love art!.... there's graffiti everywhere!!!! oh and did I mention they are crazy drivers. haha So I was able to find a lot more missionaries at the airport in atlanta. First I found missionaries that were going to peru and colombia, across my terminal, then whenever they left, I found a ton of missionaries going to Brazil! they were people who had just received their visas the day before.. but they were at the provo mtc for a while. there were about 12 of us that flew together to Brazil. Also something that I learned about myself.. I don't like long flights... it really sucked. the airplane was so cold... and we were seriously in there for 10 hours!!!! it was so long!!!! I felt like we were never gonna get there... and we didn't sleep at all. so that was pretty terrible too!! oh well. the airplane gave us complimentary pillows and blankets. which was such a blessing. because it was soooo cold! Then when we arrived at the MTC it was super awkward, so we got here and we were pulling our luggage in, and all the other people that have already been here a while just starred at us. then we got our name tags and some papers and our companions and that was pretty cool! once I got my name tag, i kind of finally felt like an official missionary. haha and then they took us to where we were gonna have breakfast, so we went im... and we started grabbing whatever was there... we didn't really know what the food was. but then this lady comes out and shes kinda like telling us something... and we all kinda just stood there not knowing what she was saying. it was all kinda weird! then all the missionaries that have already been here a while, made fun of us... but its okay, we were new and we didn't know what was going on! and we did look pretty funny not knowing what was going on! so right now I got assigned 2 companions, were in a trio. one of the girls is sister Eisles, and the other one is sister lopez, sister lopez is going to my same mission. and the other one is going to manaus. theres one more girl that i met that is also going to recife but shes just gonna stay here for 2 weeks. cause shes already been on her mission for 3 months and she just got her visa! cool thing about that sister (sister juarez) she was serving in albuquerque while she waited! haha So whats the weather like here... definately not what I expected. its chilly, then its raining, then its super hot/ humid, then it starts to rain,... its weird. haha anyways... I think the next time I have P-day is either wednesday or Friday. I dont know. But I love you! tell everyone I say Hi!!! tell dad and elsie and liz that I love them too!!
Hermana Orozco :)

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